Damon Lines is a Mesa, Arizona native. While still in high school, he spent his summers working at his father’s mortgage company. “I realized pretty quickly,” says Damon, “that the best thing about investing in real estate is that no matter what the market is doing, there is always money to be made as long as you’re willing to change.”

In late 2005, the real estate market was starting to show signs of slowing down, but the recession hadn’t hit yet. Doug Hopkins was a person who particularly caught Damon’s attention. He was soft spoken and humble, but he was doing more real estate deals than the rest of Damon’s mortgage clients put together. Damon started studying Doug closely, asking him questions at every opportunity. Doug knew Damon was keen to learn real estate investing from him, but at the time so were hundreds of other people who constantly asked Doug for investing.

Eventually, Doug presented Damon with a challenge—the opportunity to flip a house. Damon accepted the challenge and closed his first deal. Over the next two years, Damon closed a few more real estate flips using Doug’s strategies. Impressed with Damon’s tenacity and willingness to take action, Doug invited Damon to join his real estate team in 2007. Together the pair built a wholesale business that, at its peak, was closing 300 real estate deals a month.

“Working with Doug has made me realize that you can make money in any real estate market. You don’t need a boom market and you don’t need a foreclosure market—there’s a lot of opportunity in any market.”

Today, Doug and Damon are still real estate partners and friends, sharing the platform together and sharing their real estate investing strategies with students from all around the country.